Jul 23, 2006

Me , Myself

I ve been thinking about a new post for last few days ... but somehow couldnt pull myself into doing that .... Not that I went into some kind of gloomy moods ...or was hibernating. Major obstacle for my creative ( !!! need not be in a positive meaning ) mind and blog is that I have no access to the net whenever i want . So you see, my thought flows can not be put down as and when i feel like . I m sure you all agree that some thoughts need to be expressed as and when they cross us.

Anyways to be frank there were no major cretivities in last few weeks which you have missed because i couldnt get into net often . Infact life was a bit too monotonous. I never got up before 7.30 morning, and never missed keeping the alarm at 6.30 . Inspite of getting up so late, i wasted one hour everyday in making myself fresh tea , driniking it araam se . I had time to feed my cats and fish. Then i realised suddenly at 8.20 , that my hospital working time starts at 8.30 , so i had to rush to take bath in 5 minutes, had to eat my breakfast in 3 minutes. Thanks to my new Activa, i can reach hospital in another 5 minutes. Most of the days i reached hospital + or - 5 minutes to 8.45 am. Not bad at all ......

Then I sat and saw the patients from 9 to 12.30 or so , with some breaks for tea, water etc. Then i went back to my place , heat some food and eat which were kept in the refrigerator on the previous day, and take a nap for ten minutes. I went back ... and did nothing much in the afternoons eventhough i could do lot of things... and come back in the evening at 6 or so . Im really surprised thinking how did i spent my evenings. I didnt do anything ..???? oh no ... Had been to udupi on so many evenings , for a movie 'Fanaah ' once, then for some shoppings , dinner, railway station to see off one of my sweet friend and yes, I went to my favourite end point on one evening. Other evenings i spent talking on the phone , reading a novel by John Grisham, called The Rain Maker. Good one . Interesting story of a struggling law graduate.

In between my schedule, I kept thinking about posting a new post . The PC in the hospital is being overused nowadays, thanks to orkut. My collegues in the hospital seem to be addicted to orkut. But it s not that i never got to use it . As i told earlier, I was just lost , doing everyday same things , getting mechanical . So I have decided I need a brake !!!! So I ve decided to blog more often , read more blogs, and roam around more in my new Activa to brake free from the routine. one more thing I want to do is to learn something new .... but I dont know what i want to learn new ... may be Yoga...or cooking ... something interesting , makes me get lost in it ...may be meditation ... I m not sure..

Anyways till i decide what am I going to learn to rejunivate and refresh myself , I m sure whoever has read this nonsense blog of mine need to relax. So take care and get yourself ready for more of me soon. Enjoy.


Blogger reborn said...

Ohh..i just read my blog ..and feel stupid for posting it ... :) anyways ... :) .. thanks for reading ..

8:27 PM  
Blogger AJEYA RAO said...

:)) Nice blog...I would definetly like to read more on it.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good dragging..ha ha...just kidding..
to be frank its very nice...It's not at all boring...

8:25 PM  
Blogger reborn said...

*ajeya rao-

Welcome to my blog and Thank you ... you would definetely see more of my blog ..:)


I m sure i know you.. :) ..thank you for kidding ...

10:21 PM  
Blogger Harsha said...

Daily routines are always very boring. You know what I mean, its like a loop for 365 days a year. Right? Like you said very monotonous.

Nice idea to break the routine once in a while or atleast on the weekends. Although i dunno how easy it is to go away on weekends. You should definitely try yoga, for me it was a difference maker, the work pressures dont get to me so easily anymore. :)

and on Orkut, you know there are people in office who do just orkutting and nothing else and I'm not one of them :D

Congrats on your new activa.

You being a doc, u must get different and interesting kinds of people to meet everyday as patients. You should maybe do a post on that. But you definitely need to update your blog more often.

3:31 PM  
Blogger reborn said...


I think i ll do a post on my hospital experience..but i dont know where to start..and how to ...but will definetely post one ..:) thanks

7:10 PM  

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