Aug 10, 2006

Otherside of me

Learning is a process that starts from birth...or may be even before that in the womb. To breathe, cry, eat, walk, run, and so on … some learnt naturally for existence... and some like studying, experimenting, thinking, learning from mistakes …. for making the existence more meaningful.. and easier. We go to extremes to do everything to get knowledge, make more and more money , collect more and more things , ignore more and more responsibilities, avoid helping as much as possible…and so on …anything to make our life easier . Definitely it s not wrong to achieve materialistic success. Infact it s very important for a normal human being to achieve to certain extent to start feeling secure , and only when one is secure in feelings , can he or she think beyond it. No one is born enlightened!!! Even Buddha was not so. Great philosophers or thinkers have achieved and enjoyed the wealth and money and then have felt the emptiness in them and pursued eternal truth of life...…whatever it is … way beyond my capabilities as of now. But I definitely feel there is something more to our existence than what we know of ourselves now. Why are we just born, then grow, and live our life in some or the other way and then die one day? Lots of events happening in between …fights, friends, love, relationships, events, celebrations, success, failures, misery …. What not. Through out we learn to live through life. What is not learnt is when to stop this learning and start learning beyond this. I often wonder, if the creator has just made all these for nothing??? If so, then why has he added sufferings? He could have just made one happy life for everyone.

We usually spend our whole life trying to make improvements in certain aspects thinking those aspects are everything in life. I ve felt many times, only at the flag end does one realizes how wrong was he/she. !!! But the irony is , we (for example ,me !!! J ) think on all these so much , feel that we should be different than the maddening crowd…. …and still do nothing but nothing more than thinking about it …. I shall post this, and go back to my world, probably for a cup of tea, and you ll read it … think a bit...and may be comment on this...and return to your world (and hopefully not decided to stay away from my blog !!! )..…. End of the purpose of this blog ….. And cycle of life continues …mystery of purpose of life remains unknown. And we are stuck in an empty web ..forever..

(For those of you who know me well, don’t panic after reading this post. I m alright. For those who don’t me, you too don’t panic. I m confident I am normal. I started off with this post, keeping in mind few incidents, some of my experiences as a doctor, about my patients… I wanted to write about how my opinions and stands for some things have changed for good because of my patients…But as I continued , my thoughts started to go in another direction out of control ....and I didn’t want to stop them . I have to confess...I do get philosophical thoughts and I think a lot..... But then who doesn’t …?)


Blogger Harsha said...

That was a very abstract post and I'm sure something is definitely bothering you :) and No, I am not panicking ;)

But all I can tell you is, you should do your karma, not be too greedy, increasing the zeroes in the paycheck should not be the sole purpose of your life. Infact you might have heard people say that increase in number of zeroes in paycheck incrases the zero of life(although i really wouldnt mind a couple of more zeroes in mine ;);) )

They say that everything is him, there is no you and me, he manifests in me, you and everyone else. Once you feel and understand that you are him and he is you, that is enlightenment. Controlling the mind for a second without any thoughts is enlightenment.

And FYI, I am not an enlightened one, this is just stuff that I have heard and read.

Also most people remember god only when they need his help. So thats why I guess there is sadness in the world. If everyone were to happy all the time, there would be remembering the supreme power :)

Enuf of my pravachan ;)
Did you goto sleep ???

9:11 PM  
Blogger reborn said...

:) I m awake.. and you too think all that stuff.. makes me feel better. And you are definitely more enlightened than me !!! and yes.. something was bothering me till today . I prepared this post yesterday night . But still didnt want to delete not every otherday my mind works like that . and I m back to normal now ..:)

11:32 PM  
Blogger AJEYA RAO said...

I think its very well writen flow of thoughts, that drifted from one side to other showing clearly a disturbed mind. I have sometimes tried to write exactly the same way...ecspecially the words - "And then you read this post...may be comment...and walk out with rest of the daily routines..." Without knowing the reason exactly it is difficult to comment.

But let me share a thought...I believe that every experience shows us two directions, either we can be more weak...or learn from it to make a postive change. And I choose the later. :-)

5:10 PM  
Blogger reborn said...

humhhh...:) I hope i ve chosen to be positive too ...well .. I ve decided to post something cooler , lighter now onwards... :) thank u .

8:34 PM  

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