Jun 20, 2006

Manipal in Mansoons

mansoon has hit Manipal atlast ... late by almost a month ...
It s been raining for last few days. To make the dull day a bit brighter, today we decided to take a walk to end point. It has been a long time i went there, may be more than six months.

End point is favourite hangout for most of the manipalites through out the year. I like the place more so during the rainy seasons. One can see green, green and green in all directions. Malpe beach is more than 10 kms from here, but you can have an unobstructed view of the sunset at horizon with all the clouds and colors from this high point. On a rainy day if you are lucky , you can get to see rainbows too. And if it s dark , watching the starry sky in an open space like that is what you should experience once atleast. At night , you can see Kaup light house also , which is more than 25 kms.

okay , to tell it shortly,this place is nature as it is , natural .

As we were walking towards end point , which takes around 15 minutes from the centre of manipal , i was getting high with my memories linked to end point. This was the road ,where i went everyday for a walk few years back with my friend .. sat and talked for hours together till dark ... we talked about everything including movies, love versus arranged marriages... aquarium , dogs and cats , so on sharing our views ...and realised slowly that we could share everything forever and friendship turned into a bond of love for lifetime ......and my life become more beautiful .....

hummmmhh...coming to the present .. I started observing things around me . I was glad to see some regular walkers and joggers which includes all kinds of people in manipal, students , teachers, doctors , and patients too. There is this old uncle , who comes with his dog for a walk , who was missing today . May be i m late .... Then i see this lady who comes with her husband , who has been operated for brain tumor , and since then has difficulty for mental functions. My neighbour who is a student , with his girlfriend , sitting on a bench romancing .... Some cars parked on road side , playing dish-chaka-dish music ....

we walked nearer to the dead end of end point . From here we could see the sloping hill , and river Swarna . One can walk down here to the river ( around 2 kms) for a trek , and enjoy the boat riding . Lord Ganesha temple at foothills adds to the beauty of the place .

If you have been to manipal , and not been to end point , you have missed the essence of manipal , unpolluted unspoilt nature till now. So if you havent been here, next time you visit Manipal , be sure to enjoy this place .Welcome to Manipal, welcome to End point.