Nov 12, 2006

I m alive !!!!!

It s more than a month I put down my sane and insane thoughts here. Not that I was too busy getting myself adjusted in new place. I just didn’t have enough time on the net to do so. I missed reading other blogs, commenting, and updating my blog. Many a times during these days of uncertainties, I ve felt like putting down my thoughts to feel better. But now when I start to type,, they are refusing to come out of me..... They want not to be exposed... Atleast for the time being... and I too feel that some thoughts and memories are better left hidden... some of the things are never going to change anyways ... so better to leave them as they are ... ...

Anyways before I get into more insane thoughts and get carried away , I better put down some thoughts which are ready to come out of me ...and spare you all from more mental trauma .....So how about my observations on some of the peculiar things about Bangalore? .... You are free to comment if you don’t agree with them...

1.There are no cats in Bangalore (back in Manipal, I had them as pets, 3 of them ... and may be because I miss them, this was my first observation. I guess it s because there is no enough place for them )

2.Auto rickshaws are not for public help, but it s vise versa. ( If I happen to leave hospital after 8 pm , the auto drivers are never ready to come to my place , they ll come only to majestic ... )

3.Walking on the footpaths is dangerous to life. ( Time is so precious you see, many bikers not wanting to waste time in the signals , go right on the footpath to go ahead . Government should implement law for compulsory helmets for people walking also )

4.Some of the city busses are pink. I had heard and read about them before, and now I saw them too. For obvious reasons, I feel they should start pink autos, pink drivers, and even pink roads, where it ll be so cool to walk around without keeping an eye around.

5.It is no more a garden city according to me. I saw few big trees here and there, that s all . The gardens on the roadsides seemed less green and dry.

6.Kannadigas are an epitome of tolerance ... :) I better not explain this more. May be I shouldn’t put this point... Anyways I ve already put it.

7.It s common not to even know your next door neibour... ( ..May be it s better not to know them at times!!! )

Whatever it is, with a very short duration of time spent in Bangalore, I enjoyed watching 2 movies every week, that too in theatres. My poor eyes and ears had almost forgotten the effect of big screen and sound systems. Now they will serve me better for this favour... though the couple of movies which are remakes could have been better avoided.

Well... As I m going back to Bangalore tomorrow, I know I wont be on the net again for few weeks. I ll again be lost with myself , my work , my thoughts ..And my lot of other things..... Don’t know for how long. (Insane thoughts start to come up again .... indication to conclude ...)

So Till I get back take care and enjoy maadi :)