Feb 3, 2007

All is right !!

Before I got lost getting frustrated with busy life in bangalore , I woke up ...

What I am trying to say here is , with everyday spending more than an hour in travelling , working more than earlier days... and sleeping a lot lesser ( or is it getting up early ! ? ) than ever had made me mad for many days ... To make things worse I found myself in a mess with my closest relations too ...

I think when we start thinking negative on one aspect of our life, every other thing start going in the same way !! And I was doing just that ... What was the precipitating factor I dont know ..but atlast evrything was interrelated ... and nothing was going right ....

How and when I realised that it s not doing any good to me , I dont know . But I did ..... and it feels great to know it and come out of it !!!! At the end of it , I feel better, stronger , and more stable ..

Everything looks so easy , simple as long as it s not happening with us. And we take it for granted that some things never happen in our life. But once things change , and everyone around us behave differently towards us , whole perception of life changes. That s where we go wrong .Thats where I went wrong.

Keeping the same spirit , being able to enjoy the gifts of life as before is the trick to face the changes . I realised it slowly , and I m so glad to realise it . And now even i try to put down what thoughts had come to me when i was down , my mind is not allowing me for it . That s positivity ..i think :) .

Anyways ,I just wanted to get back to blogging ... though not with all these weird thoughts of mine . But as i said earlier, cant force any better thoughts now to put down here . Hopefully will get back soon with some sensible thoughts . Infact i wanted to post on my last years trips with my friends .... may be next post will be on that. Exclusively for my friends .... Till then enjoy maadi .. :)
I look behind and after
And find that all is right
In my deepest sorrows
there is a soul of light !!
( Swami Vivekananda )